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GHOST Speedline Crank Drive

One year on and my super slick Speedline crankdrive is still going strong. It has been used regularly for my 35 mile commute and still gives me average speeds of 19mph for that journey, with plenty of juice left in the battery. On longer pleasure rides I turn down the power, and the battery keeps going for much longer. Mountainous routes in the Dales have reached around the 80 
mile mark, but my best ride was to Flambrough Head on the coast and back from Ripon, which consisted of 142miles with an average speed of 15.7mph. I was able to get this range by turning the power down to zero whenever my speed exceeded 15mph (on
sheltered flats and downhills). It was a flat run, except for a section through the Howardian Hills, and I chose a calm day.

The  distance covered during the year was an amazing 5000 miles.

All the best, Ian

GHOST Speedline 8Fun Crank Drive 36V13Ah 

Dear CorCoach, Here's an update on my super slick machine.
Commuting: I'm getting average speeds of 19-20mph and no need to charge at work for the return trip. There is normally plenty of charge left after a total of 36 miles. It's an awesome, fast paced, commuter, and that's the main reason for the purchase.

Pleasure ride: 65 miles and 5,000ft ascent (Leyburn, Tan Hill, Kirby Stephen, Hawes, Leyburn) average speed 15 mph and plenty of juice left. (Windy conditions)

Pleasure Ride: 82miles and 9,000ft ascent (Grassington, Hawes, Dent, Cowan Br, Ingleton, Malham Tarn, Grassington) average speed 13.5mph. Battery nearly dead but made it (same for rider). (Windy again).Bike has passed 500 miles, and I'm very happy with it. I love the silent smooth Kojaks but need to be careful around mud!  Best wishes, Ian.

Ghost Kato 5 Electric 8Fun Crank drive

Sue and I had a great time on our test ride with the bikes we went about 15 miles in total and the battery still shows 5 bars, they are fantastic - they generated quite a bit of interest.
One chap who is a serious bike rider in a club and is considering giving it up (none of us are getting any younger) was impressed with the fact that they look the business for a serious mountain bike person to use. 

Richard and Sue

GHOST SE3000 Light Electric Keyde Hub Drive

First rate communication from Andy. Complete willingness to upgrade my wife's bike at minimal charge. Full instructions provided along with contact numbers and email address to keep in touch. I can't fault the service in any way. I wish our LBS was as helpful and friendly!


Longwise Step Through Electric Bike

Dear CorCoach Bikes,
I would like to thank you for:
1. Selling me a bike
2. The great after sales service
3. The friendly manner in which you always greet me
4. The enjoyment I have with riding said bike

I would recommend you to one and all. Many thanks,

Gillian, Harrogate

Kneecap Recovery

Dear CorCoach Bikes, My electric bike has helped my recovery after I broke both my kneecaps 3 months ago. After the accident both legs were placed in splints for eight weeks, and I was confined to the couch. I expected the pain that went with the injury, but one of the hardest things to face was the muscle wastage that occurred. Once the splints came off I was determined to get back to fitness as soon as possible, and I enrolled onto a course of physiotherapy. Walking was a struggle, but cycling was a possibility with the electric bike you supplied. It has allowed me to keep my momentum on the hills, and start building those muscles back. I began cycling further every day, which in turn allowed me to begin walking further and even running a bit. I went back for my first physio session and was discharged immediately, because I was doing so much for myself – much more than physiotherapy could do for me so they said. Last weekend I cycled out into the Dales with my husband, just four weeks after losing the splints. We travelled 60 miles through very hilly terrain, and stopped over in Dentdale, where the batteries got a well-earned charge overnight, then it was up the next day for another epic 52 mile ride back across the Pennines. I think without the electric bike I might still be recovering at snail’s pace in those weekly physio sessions, so thank you for supplying me with my bike which I love. Kind regards,Susie

Longwise Electric Mountain Bike

Hi Andy and Richard,
Having hired an electric assisted bike from you, for the Tour De France weekend in Yorkshire, I cannot tell you enough how much fun I
have had and clocking up 60 miles in two days, which is unbelievable for me! The bike made the inclines effortless and was so easy to use. You will be seeing me again. Many thanks for your fantastic service. Regards Annie, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge.

Longwise Electric Mountain Bike

To Andy and Richard,

Thanks you for your help in buying my bike and the service I got. I love it!

Carol, Harrogate

Electra Townie 8Fun Crank Drive 

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the Townie bike,I have now assembled it and road tested it,This bike is taylor made for me and the Bafang motor is amazing...thank you I look forward to a summer of fun no pun intended 
Thank You Derrick